Our Facility

ARK Facility CrossFit Ark welcomes all ages and levels of fitness into a friendly and clean environment staffed with individuals who genuinely care. We are proud to provide over 8000 square feet of training space and offer: Supportive, experienced coaches High-tech tracking of WODs using WODify Hand selected professional equipment Group classes to suit all levels Men & Women’s Change Rooms Shower facilities iPad stations Recovery Area Plyometric Boxes Kettlebells Climbing Ropes Medicine Balls Barbells & Bumper Plates Tires Personal … Continue reading

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About Us

ARK Mission Our mission is to gather together people who strive to reach their full potential. ARK Vision Our vision is to build an inspired community through high-quality training and a culture of encouragement, empowerment and excellence. ARK Philosophy It’s never just a workout. For some, it’s therapy. For others, it’s about getting the sport’s scholarship. For most, it’s about keeping young or giving them a chance to keep up with the young. The unhealthy find a solution. The timid … Continue reading

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What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is about doing a work out that equips you for real life.  Its programming uses constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity. Outlift a Runner, Outrun a Lifter CrossFit doesn’t specialize in any one thing because you need to build capacity in ten different domains to achieve overall fitness and health: Endurance Stamina Strength Flexibility Power Speed Agility Balance Coordination Accuracy It means we jump, we throw, we lift, we push, we pull, we run and we … Continue reading

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CrossFit Games 2015



CrossFit InfoGraphic

CrossFit InfoGraphic



  What a fantastic day it was on Saturday! Congrats to all our members who signed up for the friendly throw down — for many, it was their very first competition. Joining a competition has SO many benefits. Specifically to our CFA Members Comps, we find it is a great way for members who see each other on the Whiteboard to finally meet and mingle in person. You also get to watch others compete and cheer others on — something you … Continue reading

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Originally published at http://www.meridianwellness.ca/what-to-eat-before-crossfit-comp/ by Misa Kawasaki   As you know, Keith and I work out at CrossFit Ark in Aurora and we love the community there. We’ve also been a part of their coaching team for the past year — Keith in the area of improving mobility and myself in the area of nutrition. Even if you are not a member there you can always pay the drop-​in fee and attend one of our regular seminars, and try out a free … Continue reading

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