What are people saying about CrossFit?


Maki N., mid 30s, (Part-time Teacher & Mother of 2)

CrossFit has really helped me to strengthen my mindset towards “I can do this!”

This past year, I went to visit some of the most remote villages in Uganda, Africa.  The treks to these villages were physically challenging, to say the least.  But since CrossFit works every part of your body—upper body, lower body, core, and most of all, your mind — I survived the mountainous and rocky hikes into these villages, knowing that “I can do this!” and that I’d done even harder workouts.
I think CrossFit has increased my confidence to go beyond what I normally think I could do. I understand my body better and how to use it properly in order to avoid unnecessary aches and pains.  I have tons of energy for playing with my kids, and everyday activities – like shovelling the driveway – have become easier as well!

Cynara L., early 30s (Programmer)

Two summers ago, after doing CrossFit for half a year, I went camping at a very remote Provincial Park. Even though I was aware that we would be carrying lots of stuff in, I was still surprised by the huge bag of firewood we needed to carry across to the island.  I thought, “there is no way I am carrying this.”  But then my friend said, “Hey, isn’t this like one of your CrossFit exercises?”

I paused, reconsidered the situation, and realized he was totally right.  One of the exercises we do at CrossFit involves carrying a 35 lbs kettle bell on your shoulder while running back and forth in the parking lot.  The firewood was not heavier than 35lbs so I put it on my shoulder and ran like I do every Tuesday at CrossFit.  And I felt totally fine!

Sometimes you can do more than you think you can CrossFit really brings that potential out of you.  Thank you CrossFit!

Sherman C., 26 (Instructor Therapist for Special Needs Children)

For me, CrossFit extends beyond the workout: it’s more than the lifts, the jumps, or the pain. CrossFit has changed my attitude towards life. Countless WODs (Workout of the Day) have challenged and tested me to – and past – my limits. No doubt, it’s easier to not finish a WOD and go do something else. But with the strength and power of a community of CrossFitters, and my hope in God, I’m able to persevere and push forward until the end. When I wake up each morning, that is the mindset and attitude I want to have in the face of life’s challenges and struggles.



“So glad I made the commitment to join Crossfit Ark. Coaches are top notch and always encouraging you while being mindful of your ability as you progress. Everyone is friendly and supportive of each other. Fabulous place to whip yourself into shape!” – Michelle G.
“Awesome atmosphere …. The workouts are the best and the trainers push you to your limits. Best body transformation in only 8 weeks.” – Anke H.
“Love the friendly atmosphere! Everyone here is so welcoming, & always there to encourage you! Can’t wait to come back!!” – Kerry C.
“Awesome atmosphere……coaching is amazing…..very patient and knowledgable……worth every cent. I just got home and I can;t wait to go back.” – Chris D.
“Fabulous first cross fit experience here at CrossFit Ark. Coaches care, are super friendly, engaging,helpful, encouraging and attentive to the needs of their students. It’s clear safety and proper execution of the exercises are a priority here. It’s very evident that the coaches are passionate and love their jobs which sets the very welcoming atmosphere here apart from many other gyms. Feels like I’ve joined a family, not a gym. Thank-you! I look forward to many more kick ass workouts!!” – Sandi P.
“I love this place. So glad I joined best decision I made in a long time.” – Jeff St.G
“A great gym filled with amazing people! Definitely a good place to work out, the people keep you honest/coming back for more.” – Lee E.
“I’m a CFA junkie — I love it ! The best community gym I’ve ever belonged to … Thanks so much.” – Teresa F.

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