What to eat before a CrossFit competition


Originally published at http://www.meridianwellness.ca/what-to-eat-before-crossfit-comp/ by Misa Kawasaki


As you know, Keith and I work out at CrossFit Ark in Aurora and we love the community there. We’ve also been a part of their coaching team for the past year — Keith in the area of improving mobility and myself in the area of nutrition.

Even if you are not a member there you can always pay the drop-​in fee and attend one of our regular seminars, and try out a free workout.

crossfit-compWe also like to do team CrossFit competitions, and there just so happens to be a Recreational, members-​only competition this Saturday November 8 at CrossFit Ark. A lot of the members are competing for the first time, and have never done three WODs (“workout of the day”) in one day. So what are some nutritional tips to keep your energy levels steady and your body performing right up to the final WOD?

1. One of the first rules of eating for competition is…Don’t try anything new that you haven’t tried before! Stick to tried and true foods that you know for certain agree with your body and digestive system.

2Eat some carbs. Yup, probably not something you’re used to doing, especially if you are trying to drop some weight. But on competition day, your body NEEDS food that it can breakdown easily into sugar to use as fuel right away. Your proportion of carbs to proteins/​fats is going to change on competition day. More carbs. Minimize fats, which slow down absorption.

3Don’t stuff yourself to the max. This is a very individualized thing. Some people can’t workout after eating, and some can. But no one is going to WOD on a FULL stomach. So know your limits.

4Drink enough water. Hydrating your body should start the night before competition. You should also drink 8oz of water 30 min before your WOD. Throw some BCAAs in there too.

Here’s what I will be doing…Friday night will be my usual veggies and meat for dinner, but I will also have a good helping of rice pasta or white rice (yup, you want less fibre here because fibre slows down absorption). I will also have a bulletproof coffee with a scoop of vanilla protein powder closer to bedtime. The extra fats in the coffee is just my preference. I find the fats make me feel satiated (but not stuffed) and prevent hypoglycemia — I am a cranky lady when my blood sugar drops.

For breakfast, I like to feel like I’ve got something in my stomach on competition morning, so I will have some steel cut oats, with vanilla, cinnamon, raisins and a bit of maple syrup. I’ve also tried white bagel with banana in the past too. And a protein shake. But if that’s too much food for you, maybe just a protein shake made with chocolate milk, banana and a tablespoon of almond butter might work better.

I will also have a big glass of water.

You don’t want to be eating big meals between your WODs. So bring some light snacks. These could be sweet potato pancakes, mashed yams, apple sauce, protein shakes, boiled eggs, watermelon, banana, rice pudding, Vitargo, chocolate milk (or soy/​almond milk), bars with dried fruit, fig bars — again, things that your body can break down easily and quickly to use for fuel. And don’t forget BCAAs for your water bottle.

Well, wish us luck on Saturday! I will be entering this comp for the first time as a Masters (40+) athlete. Excited to hang out with my 4 Masters teammates — our Team Name…the “Fantastic Four-​ty”!